Glow Duo


Perfect compact accessory for applying tan/highlighter or for contouring



Boho Brush

Our Boho brush is the perfect compact accessory for applying tan/highlighter or for contouring , pair it with our Body glaze highlighter or Magic mist face tanning water to achieve flawless results.

Directions: Apply the Bohemian Beauty product onto your Boho brush and work it into the skin in circular motions to get flawless finish.

How to clean: wet the Boho brush bristles in lukewarm water , using a drop of soap or make up brush cleanser rub it into the bristles, rinse the brush bristles in lukewarm water, then squeeze any excess water out of the bristles with a clean towel , reshape the bristles and allow to dry fully.

Body Glaze

Body glaze is an illuminating liquid highlighter that can be used on the face and body to give you that radiant warm glow all year round while also hydrating the skin.
Add warmth and sparkle all year round.


Apply the Body glaze liquid to your Boho brush and gently buff it into the skin in sweeping or circular motions highlighting the body and face for a soft illuminating glow.

Aqua, Glycerin, Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract, Mica, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan gum, carbomer, peg-40 Hydrogena ted castor oil , Benzoic Acid fragrance (parfum), Benzyl Alcohol, sodium hydroxide, vitiman E,  B5.


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